The Cook/koch family of cabarrus county

On Little Coldwater Creek, not far from Hercules Conkwright, there lived two Cooks: Jacob and Nicholas Cook. They were German (the original spelling probably being Koch) and likely siblings, as their properties were adjacent. Given their close proximity to the Conkwrights, it is plausible to assume these Cooks were related to Dorothy Cook, wife of Hercules' son, Isaac. The fact that Jacob and Nicholas Cook were German is certainly consistent with her narrative.

Some affiliated families of the Cooks and Conkwrights include the Goldmans, Barringers, Clines, Shinns, Barnhartds, Scotts, etc., and overlap suggests that the two families operated within the same social circles at times. Possible siblings or cousins of Dorothy Cook include John A., Margaret, and Mathias Cook, who were all married in Cabarrus County between 1792-1802.

It would seem that Dorothy Cook was more likely a daughter of Nicholas than Jacob (he was younger and his wife's name was Dorothy), but she could have been a grandaughter of either as well. To confuse matters a bit, a subsequent generation of Cooks included another Jacob and Nicholas. These names appear in various records of Mecklenburg and Cabarrus Counties in the late 1700s and early 1800s.  

Simpson, H. Mitchel and Albert Bruce Pruitt, Cabarrus County, NC, surveys : (1747-1916; 1,500 surveys in 24 maps (Whitakers, NC: A. B. Pruitt, 2010), Map 7.

Simpson, H. Mitchel and Albert Bruce Pruitt, Cabarrus County, NC, surveys : (1747-1916; 1,500 surveys in 24 maps (Whitakers, NC: A. B. Pruitt, 2010), Map 7.

According to local church records, Jacob Koch (Cook) was born in Grolsheim in the Lower Palatinate in Germany in the year 1722. He was buried at Coldwater Church on December 10, 1799, though a gravestone no longer exists. Upon his death, Letters of Administration were granted to Jacob Cook Jr., and the estate was settled in 1800. He was unmarried at the time of his death, but another mention of his name in church records suggests he at one time had a wife named Susanna.

In 1763, a Jacob Cook was granted 200 acres of land on the waters of Beaver Dam Creek and a cattail branch of Mountain Creek in Mecklenburg County. He and his wife, Ann, sold that land to Michael Hoil on April 12, 1765. In 1773, Jacob and Ann Cook were granted land on the Broad River in Craven County, SC (a county which is no longer in existence). On February 6, 1775, Jacob and Ann Cook (of Craven County, SC) sold 288 acres of land on Dutch Buffalo Creek to Jacob Kline. On February 26, 1779, Jacob Cook entered 86 acres of land on Coldwater Creek. It was granted to him on October 9, 1783. In 1791, Jacob and Ann Cook sold land on Buffalo Creek to Christofel Bliss (Pless?).

Nicholas Cook was probably born around 1730, and according to Barringer family research, he married Maria Dorothea Beringer (Barringer). Some family histories state that he married a second time to Dorothy Barnhardt.

In 1764, Nicholas Cook purchased 341 acres on Coldwater Creek in Mecklenburg County from Arthur and Justina Dobbs. On January 27, 1784, Nicholas Cook sold 50 acres to Jacob Cook (possibly Jacob Cook Jr.). On March 24, 1794, Nicholas and his wife, Dorothy, sold 84 acres to John Shinn. That year he served as witness to the will of Christian Ovenshine. On October 15, 1810, he sold land to Mathias Cook. In 1811, the last will and testament* of Nicholas Cook was proven, Mathias Cook being appointed executor. 

*Unfortunately, a fire destroyed the Cabarrus County courthouse on February 15, 1875, and many of the original handwritten wills were lost.

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