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Kinfolk genealogy

provides family history research services for those who are interested in learning more about their ancestral roots. This includes web-based genealogical research, as well as more localized research, utilizing archives and other pertinent sources in and around Charlotte, NC.

Near or far, our goal is to fill in the missing branches of your family tree and hopefully convey the narratives of the many generations that came before you. Each story is unique and undoubtedly worth discoveringso, let us lend a hand in your search.



(owner & genealogist)

My interest in family history began early on, sparked by the stories my grandparents shared about their lives and our ancestors. This intrigue grew into a profound appreciation for old houses, antique photographs, and the like, but also for the very different lives previous generations led.

I went on to study history in college, later returning to obtain my master’s in humanities (where I focused on history, public history, and architectural history). The skills I acquired in my schooling carried over naturally to genealogical research. After having worked on my own family history for many years, I now look forward to aiding others in their search!

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